Healthy Ageing Central is an information hub, put together by an active group of experts dedicated to disambiguating and focusing on exploring the world of healthy ageing. As we know, ageing affects everyone, from the moment we are born. And given that we are living longer than we ever have, it is becoming an important part of life, and is being recognised by governments globally as a priority area of public health initiatives.

Our Mission

Enable understanding and raise awareness about ageing

What good is science if you can’t understand it or gain practical benefits from it. We see ourselves as being qualified enough to use our expertise to help increase awareness about the intricate and fascinating processes of aging. Surprisingly, they are all connected and relate to many areas of health, as many natural therapists have understood for thousands of year.

Empower you to engage in an evidence-based approach

Science is the art of discovery and creating new knowledge. The most question we ask, the more questions need answering. But along the way, we can gain some important insights into how our bodies age, and how we can promote a healthier lifestyle as we age. Continuing to learn is a key to healthy living and ageing.

Help you live life better to age better

We are not just interesting in understanding the science behind how we age, but also promote useful, practical tips and tools to help you make healthy choices about your ageing health and wellbeing.